All Eyes on La Prairie

Report and image by David Newton


La Prairie hardly need any introduction as a world leader in skincare products. They have an army of evangelical fans who insist that the scientific effects on their skin are worth the hefty price tag that the products carry. And can there be an area more prone to "I really want this to work!" than that tissue-paper thin area around the eyes? Well there is simply only one way to find out. I have always been of the opinion that skin products cannot turn the clock back; only stop the clock at whatever age you begin seriously to use them. But I have to say the White Caviar Illuminating  Eye Cream really did seem to reduce all those tiny lines around my eyes. There were the obvious immediate benefits of slathering the skin in moisture – both early morning and before bed – less puffiness and a healthier, massaged feel… but the tiny dark spots I've seen appearing were only visible upon a much closer inspection. And certain lines, including an annoying horizontal one beneath my eye, were, I realised, apparent if I tilted my head in a certain way to the light. This was impressive! My skin just felt better, and I looked better, overall. Miracles do come at a price, though, and the Illuminating Eye Cream is an eye-watering £254 per pot. But, for those of us who are straddling that age where it's about both preventative and reparative skin care, La Prairie eye cream is an excellent place to start.