Time for Hourglass…

Report and image by David Newton


Lucky for some: Hourglass Cosmetics has been around for 13 years, after US beauty industry veteran Carisa Janes saw what she perceived as a glaring void in the market that she was a part of. The company has positioned itself "at the revolutionary intersection of science, beauty and luxury" and this is achieved by constant innovation in both the formulation of beauty products and technological advances. But Janes knows that how a product looks and feels is – almost –as important as what it does, and Hourglass doesn't disappoint: everything has that all-important luxe aesthetic. We are quite taken with the innovative GIRL Lip Stylo pens, that pair the colour and precision of a lipstick with the comforting care of shea butter, jojoba, mimosa and sunflower seed, resulting in rich colour – like the brick-red "Visionary" above – that also nurtures the lips. And we're not alone, it seems: the GIRL Lip Stylo range won "Best Sheer Lipstick" in the 2017 Redbook Beauty Awards.