Fresh Start

Luke Singleton previews the skincare essentials for the weather ahead.

Winter has heaved its final withering gasp, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be rejoicing the warm weather rush that seems to have arrived early this year. Early spring is the intermediary period, like an Indian summer, where unseasonable changes in temperature are usual, especially if living in a microclimate like London. Denim jackets and fine knitwear come out of the closet as there is still much need for layering, but the fabric combinations have already changed. It’s the same news for skin; a reduction in thickness in creams, lighter eye balms, and serums and lotions that possess botanical prowess which mirror nature’s affluent period of flourish! To ensure you are ready for the transitional period ahead, here is a current collection of beauty basics, to breathe new, green air into your daily skincare routines.

Lumière Essentielle Serum, by Darphin Paris

Darphin have been world-renowned for their experimental calibre of botanical infusions since 1958, when Parisian kinesiotherapist Pierre Darphin founded the cosmetological Darphin Institute. This vivid hued crystalline facial serum blends microencapsulated essential oils of Neroli, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, Cedarwood and Ginger, with 90% of the total ingredients stemming from natural origin. Instant hydration and an exuberant vibrant glow guarantees abounding vitality, with that much needed moisture protection for the natural blossoming of skin!


Restorative Body Cream, by Sisley Paris

French luxury brand Sisley has pioneered the use of botanical essences in cosmetology since the late sixties, bringing together the very best in science and nature. This sumptuous, extravagant body cream is one of their latest offerings, combining a complex group of active ingredients that retain water in the epidermis, maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance and restoring the skin from the damaging effects of a changing climate. Andiroba oil and Allantoin, essential fatty acids with emollient and soothing properties, repair and nourish along with Shea Butter. The exquisite, fresh organic scent and a non-sticky, velvety texture enliven skin on first application.


Elevate: Firming & Lifting Contouring Eye Cream, by Algenist

Clinical skincare brand Algenist, the pioneers of breakthrough ingredient Alguronic Acid, have been conjuring up anti-ageing solutions in their San Francisco laboratories since 2011. This lightweight, yet powerful, translucent eye cream uses optical diffusers to blur imperfections, and visibly brighten and lift the eye contour area, for a smoother, youthful look. Nutrient-rich ingredients including ProPeptide3, hydrate and firm the delicate eye area, improving skin density and elasticity. An appealingly lightweight texture and easy absorption make this the perfect eye cream for now.


Hydrating & Repairing Facial Cream, by Frezyderm

Frezyderm’s dermatological products are researched and formulated by pharmacists and chemists within specialised pharmaceutical units, and their reasonable price-point means they have grown a steady, loyal consumer following. By studying the way the skin’s need for moisture changes throughout a person’s life, they have created a new, complete moisturizing line, indicative of one’s age group (in my case, 30+). This cream activates the mechanism of gene expression by using three types of hyaluronic acid, naturally boosting collagen and improving skin elasticity. Active fig ingredients and herbal extracts ensure this rich, yet light to touch moisturizer, will see you into spring.