The Wylde Interview: Jack Farthing

Interview by David Newton / Photography by Etienne Gilfillan


Jack Farthing is building quite a name for himself in high-quality TV and movie dramas, from P.G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie, to the all-conquering Sunday night hit Poldark. Seen most recently on the big screen with Keira Knightly in Official Secrets, the ultra-busy actor slowed down just long enough for a Wylde chat-and-shoot…

Wylde: We love a good baddie, here at Wylde; what attracted you to playing George Warleggan in Poldark?

Jack Farthing: Lots. He felt very layered to me. Very full. There’s been a lot to discover and plenty to work on over the last five years. Those are the sorts of things that pull me in.


Does the TV medium suit you, in terms of being able to explore a character you’ve created, more long-term?

Definitely. It’s a pleasure to be able to take your time with a character and not feel like you have to lay it all out right away. I think maybe it gives more room for the kind of complexity and ambiguity that viewers want as much as actors.


Talking of which, we can’t find you any social media… is there a reason for that?

Not really my thing. Much happier staying a bit more private.


Your work has led you to playing wildly different roles. We are fascinated by your turn as a rent-boy in Carmen Disruption. What appealed to you about it and what did you get from that performance?

I loved that show very much. Beautiful people involved in every corner. But I guess it started with script, which was totally wonderful. Simon Stephens is a very clever man. And in terms of what I got from it; a huge amount of job satisfaction and some pretty silky dance moves.


We’re really looking forward to seeing your movie Official Secrets. How would you describe it… in five words? 

An exciting and important thriller.

We loved the Cilla TV miniseries and you were perfect as John Lennon. Which other musician could you see yourself playing? And why?

Maybe someone a bit less famous? Take the pressure off. That was terrifying. 

jACK FARTHING DSC_4248_2.jpg

Have you any remaining ambitions left as an actor, e.g. types of roles to play, directors or other actors to work with, etc?

I have many. I could fill a book with this answer. But the short version is to keep stretching myself and learning and working with people at the top of their game.


Poldark Series 5 begins on 14th July on BBCOne at 9pm

Photographer’s assistant: Paolo Navarino

Grooming by Stanley Watts @ The King’s Canary

Jack Farthing wears his own clothes

Thanks to Exposure