The Wylde Interview: Nicole Scherzinger



We like our women hot and strong at Wylde and Nicole Scherzinger fits the bill perfectly. She's a born survivor and is dealing with a romantic break-up (with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton) by rediscovering the cat inside the woman. As she takes a breather in Los Angeles before spending the rest of the year in the UK (as a judge on the X-Factor), we talk to her about Catholics, cat-food, fans and feminism.

Wylde: Do you consider yourself a feminist?
Nicole: What really defines a feminist?

Well, we like to have very strong women on the cover of Wylde magazine, very confident-looking and almost defiant as well and to us that could define feminism?
Maybe instead of a feminist I'm a "feline-ist"!

Are you a cat lover?

Oh...well you're not a Pussycat any more, are you?!
I'm always a Pussycat! Everyone always has a Pussycat Doll inside of them...

What do you mean?
When I think of that I think of a woman who is growing into herself, knowing who she is, owning who she is, loving and accepting who she is. Not only that, but being fearless...that lioness part in her, to go after what she wants. Even when she doesn't feel fearless, she keeps going.

You have a huge following on Twitter/Facebook etc: do you feel any responsibility about what you say to people who are hanging on to your every word?
I definitely take that into account. I don't Tweet that often but when I do I like taking pictures of skies, putting up inspiring quotes, things that inspire me etc...because people ARE looking at me as some kind of a role model. It's just how my Mom raised me. I wish I were more interesting and wild on Twitter! And you know what, the lucky ones get to hang out with me and have a drink with me at night and see me in the wild light! So I guess that's what I mean by a "feline-ist" being someone who is loving and accepting of themselves, who is getting to know who they are as a woman, as a girl...

That'd be a great name for your next album: Feline-ist!

Has your album got a release date?
No! I hate release dates, because it never happens: it jinxes things!

Has it got a title?

Not even a shortlist of names?
No, not even a shortlist...but I can start the list with Feline-ist! Right now I'm just working in the studio on music for me personally, going through whatever I'm going through and it's really just very raw and stripped-back and not what people would ever expect from me. I don't know what I'm making that for but I'm making it, I think for selfish reasons, for my therapy right now.

Because of what you're going through, does that mean you're feeling more involved with expressing what you want to say?
I'm always involved. Even when I sing "Poison" or "Don't Hold Your Breath". For me, when I say "selfish reasons", I mean I'm not doing it for radio, I'm not doing it looking for a number one. I'm doing it because it's my way of getting through this right now; it's my therapy. It's my way of getting these real, broken emotions out...getting the heartbreak out. It's for me...not the Industry.

Do you find it cathartic?
Oh HAS to be cathartic, absolutely. It's helps to get you through.

Is there anything you would have changed about the relationship (with Lewis Hamilton)?
Nothing. It's too easy to use hindsight. And who knows what the future holds? Right now all I'm doing is focussing on...I'm being reunited with myself. You can't be a feline-ist and fierce and fearless having only gone through great things in life. It's these broken moments that really make you, and build character and build that strength. And build that lioness part in you. So I'm being reunited with Me again.

During your time in the UK have you explored the underground music scene at all?
I LOVE exploring the underground music scene. The second I had a chance I went to see Sam Smith doing a little showcase at Shoreditch House. I want to be able to do things like that more. In the last two months in the UK I've been obviously going through some hard times so I just hit the studio. And I got in the studio with Tom Odell...

And what's come out of it?
Something totally righteous and raw!

Completely changing the subject...what British foods do you love and hate?
I really don't like black pudding...and I don't like Marmite! But I love fish and chips! Cos I love vinegar!

Is there an American food that you miss when you're over here?
Oh my God there's so much. (thinks) I'm Hawaiian and I miss poké and I cannot get it.

What's poké?
Little chopped up cubes of the best raw tuna, marinaded in sesame oil and Hawaiian sauce and herbs and stuff..and it's so yummy.

You were born a Honolululian (new word alert!) and so were Barack Obama, Nicole Kidman and Bette Midler. Is there something in the water there that creates high achievers?
Honolululians! Oh my God you are cracking me up!

Have you met Obama?
Yes I have, during his Yes We Can campaign.

Is he a fan of yours?
I'm not sure. I know that he knows me... I did his Yes We Can campaign before he got elected President. My friend got me involved and I met him. He was really nice, and I'll never forget looking at my emails in bed and I was like: "What does that say? Is that an email from Barack Obama?! Thanking me?!"

Is there anyone famous who you haven't met who you'd love to?
You know who I'm really digging right now? Emili Sandé. That would be lovely. I could say Diana Ross but everyone wants to meet her! Or Cher...

Why Cher?!
Growing up there were three people I really looked up to: Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and Cher. Cher encompassed everything I wanted to do. She not only did the music, she not only had the ballads, she not only had the massive tours and everything but she was also able to transfer over onto the big screen and do movies. She had that organic essence about her and that diva essence about her as well. She's just an all-round star.

Can you see your own career evolving like hers?
I would love to do acting, when the right roles and the right time comes along. Absolutely. Even indie films.

Maybe something for John Waters (our idol)?
Absolutely! I'd love to do a movie musical... my friend Adam Shankman directed Hairspray (the musical). I definitely love is the driving force for me, always. I want to turn into Sade (!) and still be Leonard Cohen singing at the end of my years but then to be able to do all these other projects...

Here in the UK you can be found advertising yoghurt and hair there anything that you've been asked to advertise but have turned down?
My people filter it out!

Kim Cattrall advertised potatoes recently and Eva Longoria is currently plugging cat food...
I love it! I'm feeling pretty good about my choices right now!

You could advertise lion food!
That would be cool! How gangsta would that be, just coming out with some lions and me feeding them! What would lion food be, though...other humans?

Simon Cowell? Pussycat Dolls! Changing subject completely again: you were raised a Roman Catholic. Has that presented any problems when it comes to your gay fans, of which there must be millions?
No. I was raised a hardcore Catholic growing up, my family has very strong religious beliefs but they're also really....the main thing that I grew up in was love. We can't judge others and at the end of the day people will have their judgement day. I go to church every weekend and for me it's just about my relationship with God: to follow in His way the best that I can. I can't speak for anyone else. For me it's hard because I grew up with most of my best friends being gay and you have to accept it and love them and I accept them and love them...and my family do.

Do you have any recurring dreams?

Disturbing ones?

Do you have that one where you're on stage and not ready and the curtain's about to go up?
I have that one all the time! And the "Oh my God I've killed somebody and now I'm not able to have my world tour" one! I had a really weird dream when I was with the Dolls and our song "Stick Wit U" had just come out and I had salmonella poisoning and I was in the hospital for seven days and everyone was freaking out because we were supposed to perform at the VMA's. They were like: "She can't even walk, she's almost died!" and I had the dream that I was sitting in my bed and the girls were just strategically sitting, placed along the entire bed, and I was on stage and singing!"

And was that a good dream or a horrible dream to have?
It was a good dream! It was sweet cos I was singing "Stick Wit U"!


Ms Scherzinger is most definitely ready for the curtain to go up this time. Fierce, fearless, feline...and disarmingly vulnerable. This Honolulululian's nine lives are intact: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!



What are your 3 favourite movies?
Old School, La Vie en Rose and Funny Girl.

Have you ever broken the law?

What's your favourite Pussycat Dolls song?

What's the worst fashion mistake you've made?
Oh, there's been so many! Recently on the National Television Awards I had my nipple pasties on under a vintage dress and there was flash photography. I was just a walking nipple pastie on the red carpet!

Do you collect anything?

If you could only support one charity, which one would yours be?
Anti human trafficking, right now.

What super-power would you most like to have?
To fly. Not invisibility?
Let me tell you something I'm learning as I get older: ignorance is bliss. Better not to know!

Has Simon Cowell ever made a pass at you?
Never! But aren't you his type?
I think Cheryl or Dannii were…but he's a bit scared of me! I'm a Feline-ist!! We're too much alike.

What is in your fridge right now?
Beets and corn, sausages (I LOVE sausages!), kale (I'm really excited about kale!), coconut macadamias and peanut butter spread.

Favourite junk food?
I love truffles, I love Haribo and I love cream cheese red velvet cake.

What was the first record you bought?
Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"

Any secret talents?
There are so many! I'm double jointed. And I do uncanny impressions! Britney Spears, Alanis Morisette, Bjork...

Perfect vacation?
Power-boarding in Hawaii.

A book you would recommend?
The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren.

Favourite recreational drug?
I love alcohol! I love food!