The Wylde Interview: Megan St Claire Morgan

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Ever dreamt of illustrating the worlds most beautiful clothes as they strut past you on the catwalk? If so, you’ll be just a teensy bit jealous of fashion illustrator Megan St Clair Morgan.

Belstaff SS17

Belstaff SS17

Megan’s scribbled sketches and water colour splotches cascade over a white background, losing the viewer in her energetic, free-wheeling style. The inherent vitality of Megan’s work paint the full picture, with work ranging from expressive, live drawings to editorial and advertising commissions – Megan’s creativity is boundless.

Starting out at just 16 years old, Megan has built up an enviable portfolio and developed her dream career within the fashion industry. Megan now spends her days drawing hand-sketched works for prestigious brands such as Swarovski, as well as documenting all 4 international fashion weeks. Megan’s work has been featured in iconic magazines including Hunger, Vogue Portugal and of course, Wylde. A real ‘jack of all trades’, and an intriguing character to boot, Megan’s talent and tireless work ethic make her a Wylde favourite.

So, we sat down with Megan to discuss just how she creates her beautifully characterful pictures, where she finds inspiration and what the future holds.

Ashley Williams, SS17

Ashley Williams, SS17

What first prompted you to get into Fashion Illustration?

Well, I was introduced to David Downton’s work in my GCSE art classes and was instantly hooked! Since then I just ended up more and more immersed with the work.

What would you say is your favourite show of the season thus far?

This season definitely Marques Almeida!

Marques Almedia, SS17

Marques Almedia, SS17

Small world! Our Beauty Director Terry Barber headed that show. It was one of my favourites too... Who or what inspires you most?

I think generally the world itself is inspiration, I'm really inspired by movement and gesture.

How did you first make the decision to go freelance?

It was kind of the only option: as a fashion illustrator it's never a 9-5 job. On the plus side, the freedom I have is fantastic.

I’d love to discuss the process; just how do you go about illustration? Does is take a lot of preparation? What is your starting point?

My process differs slightly with every situation and job but within live catwalk illustration its generally all about prepped sketchbooks, watercolour traveller sets, fine liners and aqua brushes. Space is often an issue so I try to work compactly. For catwalk, I usually access the scale and proportions, then incorporate the silhouette and any detailing I’m drawn to. Saying that, it’s always instinctive - I don’t follow a set process.

Gareth Pugh, SS17

Gareth Pugh, SS17

What has been your favourite project to date?

Too many to choose from! I love my work over fashion month: it's the most fun and genuinely the most explorative time for me. I can create what I instantly feel and see, and how I respond to the clothes. I’m a massive over-thinker so the instant aspect of it helps me be decisive.

What materials do you use and what influences your decision?

Mainly water colour, fine liner and aqua brushes but I delve into other mediums if I’m working in the studio. I also love working with oils and coloured pencils.



You’ve been featured in a number of publications and had notable success - at this stage in your career do you still run into challenges?

Always! It's like anything: as you work harder, try new things and have more opportunities, new challenges come your way, Currently I’m working on my general drawing ability and following the advice of agencies to develop a more commercial capture of women’s faces. To survive as a freelance illustrator you have to have a wide range of skills and a certain diversity to appeal to commercial clients.

We’re so excited to see what you come up with next, what can we expect from you in the near future?

At the moment I'm working on an editorial project with PETRIe and booking lots of Christmas work in stores, parties and advertising events... Keep an eye on my Instagram for more from me!