Find your Niche…

Edited by Yamine Daaboul

Photography by David Newton


We are always on the lookout for brand new scents and it often seems the most exciting launches occur within the world of smaller, niche companies. These five are no exception and each comes with its own story and special olfactory delights.

From top: 

AERIN Tuberose Le Soir. Esteé Lauder's granddaughter Aerin has created a "This Parfum is inspired by the rich, sensual scent of India’s Tuberose flower in full bloom, harvested with the setting sun. Sparkling Mandarin, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, smooth Sandalwood and Vanilla complete its luxurious, elegant warmth. 50ml - £150.00

PARTERRE: A Tribute to Edith. This recently launched British brand straddles the worlds of locally-grown ingredients and high luxury scent. Based at Keyneston Mill in Dorset, Parterre's ingredients are grown and distilled there, then shipped to Grasse – French perfume's heartland – where they are transformed into one of (so far) three sumptuous fragrances; all twists upon familiar classics. 50ml - £120.00

GOLDFIELD & BANKS: Pacific Rock Moss.  Aussie brand G&B gathers intrinsically Antipodean ingredients and fuses them into stunning scents for both sexes. This fresh, light fragrance echoes the calm lagoons and bays of the southern Australian coastline, where the fresh moss clinging to rocks is harvested and its essence is gently extracted. 100ml - £149.00 from Fortnum and Mason

SIX SCENTS Venetian Belladonna.   "Even bees, the little almsmen of spring bowers, know there is richest juice in poison flowers" said Keats, and our favourite among Six Scents' Les Potions-Fatales range is this deadly concoction. Floral-fruity, spicy and dark; this Belladonna will lure you in and then burn you with her hellfire, thanks to the accord styrax pyrogene.  50ml /  £130 from roullierwhite

BJÖRK & BERRIES: Moonflower. Björk & Berries started as a small project in the deep forests of northern Sweden, combining centuries-old Swedish natural beauty traditions based on local flora – wild herbs, plants and berries – with advanced technology to create highly effective modern beauty products. The current range of 4 perfumes will be joined by the ethereal Moonflower in April. 50ml - £59.00 /