Wylde Loves: Rodin lipsticks

Report and photography by David Newton

Rodin's Olio Lusso Lipstick in  Red Hedy

Rodin's Olio Lusso Lipstick in Red Hedy

Talk about a modern-day success-story! Native New Yorker Linda Rodin started her beauty company from her kitchen table in 2008, and 6 years later it was acquired by Estée Lauder… and it now has more than 100 stockists. Not hard to see why, though: a niche range of must-have products in ridiculously memorable packaging (LOVE the transparent lipstick casings!) She must be in her mid to late 20's, right? Wrong! The fabulously stylish and influential Rodin is pushing 70 and is just hitting her stride. An inspiration! 

Rodin lipsticks are available at Liberty, London