Red Alert!

Wylde's contributing beauty editor Yamine Daaboul, has curated a selection of 12 essential red lipsticks you need in your make-up collection. Just in time for the holiday season, these reds will make you stand out at your next party in all the right ways.  

Pictures by Yamine Daaboul

lips group 3.jpg

Sensai  The Lipstick in No.9 - Tsuyabeni (£41)


The golden beauty above is from Japanese brand, Sensai. Retailing at £41 each, their lipsticks are (along with Kjær Weisby far the most expensive in this feature; yet after testing the lipstick it’s clear to see why. My lips felt instantly softer proving the lipstick is as nourishing as it is beautiful - no doubt due to the inclusion of golden phyto extract, which improves microcirculation (helps make your lips plumper) and golden silk power, which ensures your lips have a gorgeous sheen finish. Not satisfied with just a great formula, Sensai also made sure the product’s packaging was beautiful too - a metallic gold casing which comes in a black velvet pouch add to it’s luxury feel. I’m also a sucker for lipstick bullet imprints.

The collection titled ‘The Lipstick’ has 15 shades, the one I selected is No.9 Tsuyabeni, a sumptuous, bold red. In fact the shade is such a winner that it was used by makeup artist Naomi Donne on the Bond girls in the James Bond film Skyfall.

Available to buy online at Harrods

MAC  Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo (£16.50)


No red lipstick list is ever complete without the inclusion of MAC’s retro matte lipstick in Ruby Woo. A favourite with celebrities, it is super long-lasting and does not budge even as you eat. It has a reputation for flattering every skin tone and due to it’s blue undertones, it helps make your teeth look whiter too! Ruby Woo is so popular that, according to the cosmetics company, 4 are sold every minute around the world. The only downside I have found is that it makes your lips quite dry throughout the day, a good remedy to this would be to apply a balm underneath to help keep your lips nourished. 

Ruby Woo is available buy online at MAC

Chanel  Rouge Allure Velvet in No.2 (£30)


From Chanel’s new Holiday 2017 Collection, Collection Libre Numéros Rouges, comes this beautiful raspberry red, lightly matte lipstick - titled N°2. There are 4 lipsticks on offer in this limited edition collection, all different shades of red; N°2 along with N°3 has a velvety, lightly matte finish, while N°1 and N°4 are more creamy. To see the difference in textures I have included a swatch comparison photo of N°2 (left) and N°4 (right). They both feel nourishing on the lips and provide a wonderful full coverage that doesn’t feel too heavy and may I add - they smell divine! My favourite is N°2, as a slightly darker red it suits my warm olive skin tone and I personally prefer a matte finish. As a big fan of packaging I fell instantly in love with the beautiful limited edition red-lacquered click case (they’re usually black), as well as the shimmering gold Chanel logo on the bottom of the lipstick. Lucia Pica, the global creative make-up and colour director for Chanel, has managed to design and curate a wonderful holiday collection, suitable for all skin tones and occasions. They are well worth a try at your nearest Chanel beauty counter.

All four lipsticks are available buy online at Chanel

Oribe  Lip Lust Crème in The Red (£34)


When I first got hold of this and saw its gorgeous packaging, I immediately had very high expectations – a product this beautiful can’t possibly let me down? And thankfully, it didn’t, in fact I would go as far as to say it surpassed my expectations. The pigment is so strong that in just one stroke (and with no force, may I add) it achieves total opaque coverage. I would best describe The Red shade as a Taylor Swift red, you all know the kind I mean, the most sumptuous looking classic red thats great when paired with a T-shirt and jeans during the day or for special occasions, a red that everyone will stop and ask you about. Basically, it’s just heaven in a lipstick. Noted below are just a few of the ingredients the lipstick contains - from the Oribe website:

  • White Lily, provides antioxidant protection while hydrating and revitalizing.
  • Myrrh Extract, moisturises and combats the signs of aging.
  • Blend of Emollient Oils, provides control in application and smooth, silky texture and finish.
  • Plant-Derived Polymer, helps deliver optimal color pigment dispersion and a cushiony, comfortable wear.

It’s good to also note that this lipstick is gluten free (as are all of their products). We can’t move on to the next lipstick without mentioning the packaging – I love the sculptural element they have, the marble print and subtle gold detailing. This is a lipstick you’ll enjoy re-applying in public; it might just be my go to for my sister’s upcoming birthday.

The Red is available to buy at Net-A-Porter

Chantecaille  Lip Stick in Tulipe (£32)


Chantecaille is a french skincare and cosmetics brand that is very much a family run business; the creator, Sylvie, her husband, Olivier and three children all contribute and work towards maintaining a brand that is caring, beautiful and intelligent. Now I know what you’re thinking: caring may seem a strange word to use for a beauty brand but, with the philanthropy and conservation that they carry out, it’s very much in keeping with the ethos of the brand. They regularly release a ‘cause-metics’ makeup palette that supports a particular cause, for instance in their Spring 2017 collection, they released a palette that supported the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Elephants and Bees foundation. And if that’s not enough to convince you to try some of their products, just know that Angelina Jolie is a big fan of the brand and was actually caught on video applying Chantecaille lip gloss at the Golden Globe awards in 2011.

The lipstick shade I chose is Tulipe, which I would describe as a deep coral red; matte but with a hint of shine. It’s enriched with vitamins A and C, that will help improve the maintenance of your lips (if you’re not familiar with what each vitamin’s skin benefits are: A is with keratinization and C promotes healthy collagen production). I found that even after a very light application to my lips it gave me full coverage and was very durable, even after the consumption of food and drink, meaning this beauty is definitely value for money. 

Available to buy online at Harrods

NARS  Semi Matte Lipstick in Red Lizard (£21)


As a NARS foundation (and concealer) devotee, it’s quite puzzling why I have never had a staple NARS lipstick in my makeup collection; after trying Red Lizard I will definitely be heading to the nearest NARS counter the first chance I can get to try on loads more. It’s a semi-matte blue red; stunning pigmentation and long-lasting, housed in matte black, minimal yet very chic tubes. It’s slightly darker than MAC’s equivalent, Ruby Woo, but just as beautifully intense and less drying too! Pair it up with a winged eyeliner and you’ll be the epitome of Hollywood glam - think Marilyn Monroe vibes. Be sure to apply this lipstick with a brush for the outline of your lips as it’s unforgiving when it comes to mistakes. 

Available to buy online at NARS

YSL  Rouge Pur Couture the Mats in 219 - Rouge Tatouage  (£28)


I took an instant like to the Rouge Tatouage shade - it’s a sumptuous matte red that applies like a dream and, like a lot of YSL’s cosmetic products, contains Jojoba seed oil, a natural ingredient that helps keep your lips hydrated. It lasted a good 6 hours, stayed as vibrant as it did when i first applied it and was so comfortable I forgot I was wearing lipstick. It has a lovely delicate aroma to it and is packaged in the iconic YSL gold casing, which - top tip! - doubles up as a great mirror.

Available to buy online at YSL Beauty

Kjær Weis  Lipstick in KW RED (£42)


Having never worn or tested Kjær Weis products before I was intrigued as to what I would make of this and after researching into the brand my interest piqued when I discovered that the majority of the products Kristen Kjær Weis, the founder, produces contain 95% organic ingredients, earning her a CCPM organic certification (Italian organic certification authority). The Danish make-up artist/business woman spent eight years developing the line, extensively researching ingredients, packaging and manufacturers making sure no corners were cut. The result is this chic, eco-intelligent brand that you will want to tell all your friends about.

The lipstick I chose to include in this feature is KW Red, a deep and bold red that is matte and loaded with goodness. Like YSL’s lipstick it contains Jojoba seed oil, along with Rosa Rubiginosa seed that improves tissue regeneration and beeswax that helps moisturise - all of which activate with the warmth of your lips. The bullet is thick and glides on comfortably, achieving full coverage with a slender coating and its opaqueness, what I love most about it, is like nothing I’ve tried before. The heavy silver metal casing is modern and eco-luxe due to its refillable quality - something which customers always react positively about in reviews. Like other brands they feature the logo on the lipstick bullet, which I’m always a big fan of.

In the past the word ‘organic’ had the connotation that a product was good for you but not necessarily beautiful or one you’d like to use frequently. Kjær Weis has filled a gap in the market for organic products that don’t compromise on beauty and luxury, they have a growing fanbase and can now add one more to the list, consider me on board!

Available to buy online at Kjær Weis

By Terry  Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in 7 - Bang Bang (£27)

By Terry.jpg

OK, so I may have cheated slightly by including this as it’s a balm but with its intense colour it easily holds its own against the lipsticks in this feature. It contains a pure concentration of Hyaluronic Acid meaning our lips stay radiant and hydrated (perfect for the winter when our natural HA levels dip due to the cold air and dryness we experience in our skin). It’s also infused with UV filters, protecting us from sun damage. Application is very easy, it glided on my lips like melted butter; the formula is sumptuous, light, with a sophisticated sheer, and it’s a balm that, although bold in colour, I would feel comfortable wearing in the day as well as the night, at work and at a party. Great for any occasion, this stunning scarlet red is the one most likely to be a permanent resident in your handbag.

Bang Bang is available to buy at Net-A-Porter

Illamasqua  Antimatter lipstick in Midnight (£20)


Independently owned Illamasqua (a combo of Illusion' and 'Masquerade’) is the only British beauty brand in this feature; launched in 2008 it’s achieved cult status and is a favourite with professional makeup artists (especially in the theatre industry). Their skin base foundation is their hero product but it’s really the lipsticks where they come out to play. The shade spectrum covers pinks and nudes, browns and reds, purples and more intriguing colours like green and even white. The brand also encourages you to mix shades together to help create an even bigger variety at your disposal. The bold nature of their shades makes them the stand out brand to go to for more daring and graphic makeup looks. 

I chose Midnight, it’s a rich tomato red that you’ll never want to take off. Once I applied the shade it instantly made me think of Moulin Rouge, I felt more confident, like I was about to perform in the West End. It’s highly pigmented and although it’s not as much of an emollient as a few of the others, it’s comfortable and stays put for several hours. It’s compact black patent case is sleek and is in keeping with the brand’s attitude of cool without being try-hard. 

Midnight is available to buy at Net-A-Porter

RODIN  Luxury lipstick in Red Hedy (£28)


Founder and style icon Linda Rodin has managed to create a perfect collection of 5 essential shades of lipstick, something she says she most likely won’t expand upon, she states “I don’t think I would expand the color line. I think it’s the perfect, classic range of shades”. Named after the devastatingly beautiful actress Hedy Lamarr, Red Hedy is a classic Hollywood glamour red which will make your lips pop! It’s a crimson red, creamy matte formula and is infused with numerous oils, two of which (jasmine and neroli) are Rodin’s signature; others include apricot and argan oils, as well as rose and lavender flower wax - all benefiting the health of your lips and creating a heavenly smell in the process. I happily observed that it didn’t feather at all and faded evenly, eventually leaving a light stain that went beyond 6 hours. For the best results you should pair it with it’s matching lip liner, creating a clean and seamless look. Also, can we please talk about the packaging? Housed in super cool perspex cases you’re able to identify the lipstick colour without having to take the cap off. This is a collection that has been thought of in every aspect from the concise curation of 5 shades, the use of organic ingredients and the ingenuity of the packaging. 

Red Hedy and the other four shades in the collection can be bought at Space NK

Tom Ford  Lips & Boys in 39 - Luciano (£29)

Tom Ford.jpg

Luciano has 49 companions in this collection, all named after men who have influenced and inspired Tom Ford’s life. Alexander, named after his son; Rory, his best friend and Richard, his husband are but a few. There is also a Lips & Girls collection, also 50 lipstick offerings and in contrast luxe white and gold casings. They each come in miniature sizing owing to the need to keep up with the current trend of small bags; meaning you have as little room as possible for your essentials (iPhone, which lets face it takes up half of the bag already, money, keys and a lipstick, naturally).

Luciano is a gorgeous medium red with blue undertones and a luminous finish - it has very subtle glitter particles which glisten when light hits your lips. It glides on very smoothly, has good first application coverage and softened my lips when I applied. I can’t wait to try other shades!

Luciano and other shades can be bought at Net-A-Porter