Wylde loves: Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil

Report and photography by David Newton


Black Rose Precious Face Oil is Sisley’s first skin care oil for dry or mature skin, and as it has been getting some seriously good reviews, I thought I had to try it.

There's a high concentration of active ingredients – including Omega 3 and 6, Padina pavonica, avocado, plum and Camelina oils, and natural Tocopherols – in this silky-smooth dry oil and it is designed to prepare  and nourish the skin.

Unsurprisingly, Black Rose extract lies at the heart of the formula and really does lend a wonderful silky softness. You do only need a couple of drops to easily cover your face and neck. It sinks in like a dream and it smells wonderful.

Bottom line: The most important thing is the glow it leaves you with; it makes my skin look amazing - clearer, more rested. I don't use it every day, so I notice when I do. Product-wise... it's stunning.

Any negatives? Surprise surprise... it's pretty pricey! (£143 for the tiny 25ml bottle) Since when did miracles come cheap?! Also, as the bottle's opaque it's not easy to see how much is left, and when there's about less than a quarter of the oil left, the dropper doesn't reach down and there's no way to get the rest of the product out without tipping.

But I honestly can't see myself not buying this again; even as a treat, it's worth it. The glow and tone it gives really is that good.



Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil retails for £143 for 25ml