Wylde loves: Omorovicza

Report and photography by David Newton


Wylde loves a good romance and when combined with the pleasures and intrigue of luxury skincare and foreign destinations: we're pretty much in heaven! Stephen Omorovicza, of the eponymous noble Budapest family, was running his family firm when he first met US diplomat Margaret, Chief of Staff at the US Embassy. He introduced her to Budapest’s ancient spas, and it wasn't long before their love – and skin – blossomed. They soon married and – inspired by the profound effects of the waters on their skin – Margaret and Stephen decided to bring Hungary’s renowned beauty heritage to the rest of the world and together embarked on the new skincare business: Omorovicza.

Launched in 2006, it's now a global beauty brand, with legions of loyal fans – including Wylde. What do we like about it? It's all natural. I truly believe that in today's world, to be able to use and enjoy products completely based in the natural world, is the height of luxury. Omorovicza uses naturally-derived alternatives to commonly used synthetics; indeed all their products are paraben, petrochemical and silicone free. Any fragrances (sparingly) used are all natural, crafted in Grasse, the heart of the perfume industry.

But do they work? Of course! Staying true to the mineral-rich spa waters used for centuries to heal and rejuvenate (can millions of Hungarians be wrong?) Margaret and Stephen have worked with a Hungarian laboratory to develop and patent a mineral delivery system they call Healing Concentrate. And healing is really what these products seem to do… forget jazzy packaging, fancy gold pots and complex applicators; Omorovicza is good, honest skincare that nourishes and restores. Price-wise: not extortionate, and certainly cheaper than regular round-trips to Budapest's world-famous spas!

Our favourite products are the Rejuvenating Night Cream, the Blue Diamond Eye Cream, the Deep Cleansing Mask and the Ultramoor Mud Mask