The Ultimate Cream?

Wylde loves Sensai Ultimate The Cream

Report and photography by David Newton


Skincare supremos Sensai have at the top of their range the appropriately-titled Ultimate line, which claims to activate genes from within and boost skin energy production. Top of the Ultimate product range is The Cream (there's also the Concentrate, The Emulsion, The Lotion, and the Eye Cream. I received The Cream a couple of months ago and I have to say, I love it. It feels luxurious on the skin, smells lovely and gives a firm, smooth, radiant look. All the products contain Koishimaru silk (moisturization that penetrates deep into the skin), Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom tree extract that repairs damage from free radicals), Rice Oil extract (antioxidant) and Iris Pallida complex (which activates genes for a more perfect complexion). After using this for a couple of months, I think it is as close to a "miracle" as any skincare I have tried. My skin is really showing an improvement in tone and texture. The drawback? At just under £600 per 40ml pot, it's going to take a miracle to afford it on an ongoing basis. However… my skin looks amazing.