Power Play

Report by Luke Singleton

Image by David Newton


Over in the land of silicon, the future of skincare is looking brighter these days. San Francisco-based biotech brand Algenist began like every other West Coast start-up; applying scientific engineering to a once-familiar concept: this time it was skincare. The Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum is one of the company's recent best sellers, a hybrid serum/cream, using patented Alguronic Acid, a powerful anti-ageing ingredient, the first cosmetic company to discover and use this chemical in skincare products. It is always an astonishing feat to discover a definitive line of products for skin that actually work, that are not just derivative of a marketing ploy, or even worse, filled to the hilt with skin-fusing fragrances or silicone enhancements. But Algenist is not really a beauty brand, nor can it be pigeonholed as purely a cosmetic brand either; their objective is science, using biotechnology as a means to methodize skin sustenance. Their potions are becoming something of a cult favourite here with the Wylde team!